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Various Artists – Mexican Collection Remixed, Vol. 1

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Various Artists – Mexican Collection Remixed, Vol. 1


Full Tracklist

01 – Al Sebastian – Eterno (Diego Morrill Remix)
02 – Aldo Henrycho – Sunflowers (Olbaid Remix)
03 – Diego Morrill – Ventura (Imida Remix)
04 – George Crossfield – Valiente (Bios Remix)
05 – Imida pres. Ice Clouds – Brain Pain (Duba Remix)
06 – Mitch – Calandraca (Bassam Jalid Remix)
07 – Neos – Social Revolution (Stek Remix)


The Mexican Collective is back!

In gratitude to all our followers and the support we have received, we want to allow you to enjoy the new compilation of exclusive remixes that we at Mexican Collective prepare for you.

The compilation consists of 7 remixes that our members took care of working in detail to give a 180 ° turn without losing the essence that the original artist thought.

Al Sebastian – Eterno (Diego Morrill Remix): Thick electro sounds and a harmonious breakdown, are undoubtedly pure ecstasy for any audifile.

Aldo Henrycho – Sunflowers (Olbaid Remix): A fresh, attractive theme full of cheerful melodies that will transport your mind to a field full of sunflowers and harmony.

George Crossfield – Valiente (Bios Remix): The unexpected strength and melodies are undoubtedly what characterizes this theme. Did you want to listen to this powerful track?

Imida pres. Ice Clouds – Brain Pain (Duba Remix): Progressive sounds and enveloping atmospheres are the magic ingredients for anyone to feel like approaching the dance floor.

Mitch – Calandraca (Bassam Jalid Remix): Fat and marked basslines, warm guitars with Latin tinge and the company of acid sounds are the set of elements that make this Calandraca remix the exact dose of energy and hypnotism.

Neos – Social Revolution (Stek Remix): A theme that will leave you wanting more; his solid kick, in the company of a thick and well defined bassline, make this theme the right one for a night out.

Diego Morrill – Ventura (Imida Remix): The peaceful breakdown in this track leads us to a great sequence of big chords. In overall this is a solid uplifting with a cool groove for your day.
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