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Sound Apparel – Magnum Opus, Vol. 1

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The time has come to publish the first album compilation from one and only, Sound Apparel. A trance music producer whose musical capabilities go way beyond the norm, whose melodies will leave you inspired to the bone. This is the music of the 21st century, evolution in the making.

The album compilation is titled Magnum Opus and represents a first volume of the series where we are going to start with his oldest works. Specially for this first album release, Sound Apparel has produced a futuristic opening track simply called Intro, it starts with swirly synths that announce awesome things to happen from the first seconds you hit play, it comes as a perfect soothing prelude.

From here on you will be greeted with a remastered versions of some of his best works, starting with his first Pulsar release and a big hit among the trance listeners, you guessed it, it’s Conventum. This track marked a turning point in his musical career. Once he was taken under the roof of our label in 2011, with a close co-operation and a careful guidance by our label owner Nicholas Antony, his works got introduced to a wider audience where he confidently went on producing some of the most outstanding, classically influenced trance tracks to this date.

The Magnum Opus album progresses with a bonus take of Conventum, provided by the talented Australian producer Immersiv, who successfully managed to remix such a complex and demanding track. The story continues with Sound Apparel’s next hit, The End, a track driven by emotions of sadness and never tiring passing of time which we cannot stop, a true reflecting track for every human being.

The rest of the album contains selected best, first released works, which were published by Elliptic Records in 2010. Those include The Love That Lasts The Longest, Making End Of Heart Tale & Serenity, all with a new shiny mastering to them, revealing a true hidden beauty of his initial works. There is also one more track included by the name Fortuna Secunda which was circulating on the internet freely for some time and is now seeing its official release with a brand new remaster.

On all of these tracks you will be hearing clearly old instruments and discovering new ones you didn’t even know existed. With this album they are finally getting a proper sound treatment which will be an amazing treat for every Sound Apparel fan out there.

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