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Kid Castilla – Love Funk & Forward

Kid Castilla – Love Funk & Forward

Triple S

Sierpień 11th, 2017

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Kid Castilla – Love Funk & Forward

ARTIST: Kid Castilla
TITLE: Love Funk & Forward
LABEL: Yellow Rhinestone Records
CAT. #: B1719
GENRE: House, Acid House
FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: 15/08/2017

01. Love Funk & Forward (Original Mix)

Kid Castilla is back on Yellow Rhinestone records, with a new track titled „Love Funk & Forward”.
In this track, Kid Castilla fancied to compose a groove inspired by the eighties, good all days of funk, with just a drop of the late nineties french filtered house as a taste, to build a pumping house grove that soon merges into the main „acid melody” of the track.



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