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Jame Moorfield – The Bind EP (w/ remix from David Hererro)

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Jame Moorfield – The Bind EP (w/ remix from David Hererro)

ARTIST: Jame Moorfield
TITLE: The Bind EP
REMIXERS: David Herrero
LABEL: FXtion Records
CAT. #: FXN020
GENRE: House
FORMAT: Digital
Beatport Exclusive: September 7th 2018
Global Release: September 21st 2018

1. The Bind (Original Mix)
2. The Bind (David Herrero Remix)
3. The Motivator (Original Mix)
4. The One Way (Original Mix)


Richmond, VA based producer Jame Moorfield returns to FXtion Records with another raw, well-crafted release of pumping house music, featuring a fantastic remix from David Herrero.

Jame’s back catalogue of productions shows that music is a huge influence on him, with his productions ranging from funkadelic disco-inspired house music to melodic, yet eclectic pumping tech house music. Within the whole range of genres he can produce, the quality of sound that emerges from him has this pristine consistency of care and quality to its sound.

His return to FXtion Records carries three original productions, all funky and chunky records, each containing their own unique spiritual feeling, groove and emotions. ‘The Bind’ kicks off the release with a well-rounded walking bassline, accompaniment muted electric piano-sounding synthesis, wicked vocal samples and a fantastic upbeat lift and bump. ‘The Motivator’ carries this powerful bassline that hits right into your very being, giving you those breaths of air within the bassline notation to pick your head up, look into the sky, take in the sights and feel the euphoria of the calming yet exhilarating string synthesis after the breakdown. ‘The One Way’ comprises of more techier elements, evolving pluck chord stabs, a darker warping bassline and a prominent vocal chant throughout.

The remix for The Bind comes in from David Herrero (Safe Music, Saved Records, Defected, Stereo Productions, Sci+Tec) who revamps the original into an organic, Latin/tribal-inspired house production with quirky background synthesis and emotive depth and clever drums and percussion which delivers maximum impact.