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Floating Groove – Verana EP

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Floating Groove – Verana EP

Floating Groove -  Verana EPFloating Groove -  Verana EP

Floating Groove, to duet pochodzący ze Szczecina, który współtworzą Michael Modoolar oraz Dawid Korniak. Na scenie występują od wielu lat, choć wspólny projekt wystartował w połowie 2015 roku. Mają za sobą trzy wydawnictwa, dwa nakładem meksykańskiej wytwórni Elite Records oraz najnowsze, wydane 13 marca na berlińskim labelu Monog Records. W marcu zagrali w berlińskim klubie Chalet (impreza z okazji wydania EP), a na co dzień są rezydentami szczecińskiego Tanz Baru. Do czasu utworzenia projektu odwiedzili kilka ciekawych klubów w Polsce, ale i również festiwali, takich jak: Plötzlich am Meer, czy Summer Contrast. Od końca 2016 roku należą do agencji bookingowej C&C Bookings.

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Hailing out of Stettin, Poland, DJ and producer duo Dawid Korniak and
Michael Modoolar make up Floating Groove and here they debut on Monog
with the superb Verana EP. The guys got together in 2015 and started
to think about their musical direction and performance with their
first release coming on Mexican imprint Elite Records at the start of
2016. A real dynamic duo who are shaping up to be pretty important in
the world of electronic music, definitely ones to watch for the

Consciens intros with a nicely toned kick drum alongside a sharp clap.
Rhythmic percussions soon follow with a shuffling hat taking the lead
and getting the feet tapping. A hypnotic arpeggio fades in becoming a
big focus in the sound as a probing bassline ramps up the deep groove.
The break reveals a captivatingly cosmic vibe that delivers ethereal
melodies before the sounds combine once more for the duration. An
eclectic slice of deep tech house that will not disappoint.

Verana sets out with a cool arrangement of percussions that are joined
by a nice and punchy kick drum. A super tight drum section delivers a
solid rhythmic flow which is complimented with mysterious whispering
vocals. Stabby house chords create cool textures as a deep underground
floating chord pad swells throughout the track. The track captivates
as the layers build and will make the perfect fodder for any late
night set, not to be missed.

Berlin based DJ and producer Patryk Molinari steps up for remix duties
and gives Verana his 303 Treatment. Patryk knew electronic music would
be a big part of his life from an early age. His late teenage years
would become the moment he realised this passion was so strong and he
started to produce his own music. He was influenced by the Big Beat
scene but soon discovered house music opting for the deeper shades
within the genre. He has released a plethora of top notch cuts across
various labels in the last several years and shows no signs of letting
up, definitely an artist to keep tabs on. As you’d expect from the
remix title we’re treated to a healthy dose of vintage 303 acid. A
chunky kick drum leads the way as a meandering acid line coasts in the
background over a superb thick bass. Cool FX, gated synths and
swirling pads add colourful textures but it’s the acid that gets under
your skin giving this track a unique flavour. Top notch stuff you do
not want to miss.


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