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Diaz & Parrée, Indira Paganotto

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Diaz & Parrée, Indira Paganotto

Diaz & Parrée, Indira Paganotto
The Imaginarium EP
Genre: Techno,Tech-House,
Release Date: Aug 27 2018
Label: Frequenza Records



1 Diaz & Parr̩e, Indira Paganotto РThe Imaginarium (Original Mix)
2 Diaz & Parr̩e, Indira Paganotto РRec Sex (Original Mix)
3 Diaz & Parr̩e, Indira Paganotto РBehind The Curtain (Version 1)
4 Diaz & Parr̩e, Indira Paganotto РBehind The Curtain (Version 2)
5 Diaz & Parr̩e, Indira Paganotto РMembers Only (Original Mix)



The latest offering from Frequenza Records finds a trio of artists uniting for their debut collaboration. Diaz & Parree hail from Eitorf, Germany and have been fusing their creative energies since meeting in 2006. This twelve year partnership has seen them release on MATTER+, Rusted Records, Riot Recordings and a host of other cutting edge imprints. Their modern take on techno continues to be favoured by Richie Hawtin and has led the duo to gigs in Greece, Holland and France as well as their German homeland.

Spanish artist Indira Paganotto has been heralded as one of her country’s most promising electronic music talents. Since emerging on the scene in 2002 Indira has shared the stage with the world’s top tastemakers, including Sven Vath, Marco Carola, DJ Hell, Steve Bug and Oxia. Most recently the Spanish artist has been enjoying the Festival season with inspired performances at Fusion and Daydream. Now coming together for the first time; Diaz, Parree and Indira present their debut EP for Frequenza entitled ‚The Imaginarium’.







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