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Delta IV – Betsy’s Heart, Pt. 1

Delta IV – Betsy’s Heart, Pt. 1

Triple S

Sierpień 25th, 2016

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Delta IV – Betsy’s Heart, Pt. 1

The world we live in can be so cruel at times, but thankfully, there are compassionate people out there who will do anything to help others. One event that made headlines over the internet earlier this year was a rescue of a dog named Betsy, a pit bull that was thrown in a dog fight, but refused to fight. The consequences were almost fatal.

Poor Betsy had her face, front legs and neck totally ripped, her skin was left in tatters. Her photos were hard to look at, her video nearly impossible to watch. The constant fear and pain she endured must have been agonizing. But she is not living in the past – she has moved on to a new life with thousands of supporters online and in real life, miraculously she is now recovering.

This story has managed to touch not only us, but most importantly one of our producers, Delta IV, who was Betsy’s supporter from the very beginning. What better way was there for him to express his emotions then to dedicate a composition to this wonderful being which has managed to survive such an ordeal.

The result is a magnificent composition called Betsy’s Heart, an uplifting, optimistic tune just like the Betsy herself. The beautiful piano melody may bring tears to your eyes and those leads will prolong the mixed feeling of sadness and euphoria.

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